Monday, 5 September 2016

Monday's post.

Good afternoon,

Christine has sent me a lovely warm Sunshine Blanket today. Made in Chunky yarn this is certainly going to be a very comforting Blanket for one of our Residents. It's a great size and I love the Flower you have enclosed too. I thought it finished the Blanket off beautifully. I have also added one of our Crocheted Butterflies which is rather like our own 'SIBOL' trade mark.

Christine tells me she hasn't been crocheting long and it's so nice that she has put her new found skill to a worthwhile cause. I have over 20 Blankets upstairs now and I will take them out over the next few months to a Home I have in mind.  I shall be sure to enclose this one too Christine thank you.

May I remind you my cut off point for accepting Blankets and Shawls is end of November. So I would be grateful if you would keep any un-finished ones until next year 1st March.  Finishing in November gives me chance to take them to a Home ready for Christmas. I may deliver some before then depending how many I get in.

It's a pleasure to receive your work thank you Christine.

Thank you Christine D   Just 4 U! X

Thank you Christine D   Just 4 U! X

x Sue x 

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