Friday, 9 September 2016

Donations from Norway.

Good afternoon,

A big Thank You to 'Isrose' over on RAVELRY today
for sending in two beautiful Sunshine Blankets and four Shawls all the way from Norway!
How wonderful!
I love the bright colours on these Blankets which are perfect in every way for Residents
in Care Homes. They are going to love them.
I am always grateful to everyone who donates Blankets and Shawls but especially when they live in Europe or as far as Singapore!

So thank you 'Isrose'.

Thank you Isrose Norway.


1290 Labyrinth Thank you Isrose Norway.

1289 Camelion Thank you Isrose Norway.

Let's take a look at these pretty Shawls too!

Thank you Isrose Norway.

It was rather bright when taking the photos today sorry about that.

Then we have 'SIBOL' Butterflies too which will be very useful too.

Thank you Isrose

The Butterflies and the Ribbon will make the Blankets perfect
Gifts for Residents in Care Homes. 

You are so kind .
Thank you!

x Sue x 

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