Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A delivery to Broomfield Hospital.

Good morning and welcome,

I have delivered such a lot of Sunshine Blankets to Care homes in the Birmingham area over the years that I am trying to encourage new Ladies to make and donate nearer to their own homes. Susan has taken me up on this Challenge. Yesterday she emailed me to tell me about her visit, I thought you'd be interested to read how she got on.

Susan is taking these Shawls and Blankets to Broomfield Hospital thank you!

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" I took the blankets and shawls to Broomfield today. I had telephoned before my visit, and the ward Clark on the dementia ward was expecting me. She paged Julie the Dementia Nurse Specialist who wanted to come and meet me. Both she and the ward Clark we're delighted with all the blankets and shawls.
It was lovely to meet Julie as I had only spoken to her on the phone. She left two items with Baddow ward, and kept the rest to share around the hospital. She told me that giving one of my previous blankets to one lady had had a marked effect on her mood. She said it was lovely to see the change in her expression as she was given the blanket, and staff had said how much pleasure it had given her when Julie had followed up a few days later.
So here's to the next batch. I'm aiming on brighter colours, and textures. As well as the more simple Granny square patterns."

Susan this is a wonderful result I'm so pleased that everything went well.
Your Shawls and Sunshine Blankets were made beautifully and I'm sure your visit will be a talking point for many days to come.

If anyone would also like to deliver near to where they live please contact me for a pdf label. Then you can donate on behalf of SIBOL and I can count them in to our totals.

Thank you Susan.

x Sue x

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