Thursday, 6 August 2015

Shawls arriving today!

Good afternoon to you all!

Thank you for popping in to the 'SIBOL' Blog today.

I am very pleased to be showing you three new beautiful Shawls made and donated by GillyLilly over on RAVELRY. GillyLilly has also made some Crocheted Butterflies which I am very grateful for.

The three Shawls are a perfect size and all pretty designs.

So thank you GillyLilly!

I have four boxes full of Sunshine Blankets and Shawls upstairs which I will be delivering very soon indeed. It's always so lovely to see them ready for the off.  Everyone has been working so hard this year and I am always very grateful to you. So thank you.

Thank you GillyLilly!

x Sue x

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  1. These shawls are so pretty and will be great for those who receive them.


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