Monday, 1 June 2015

Colourful Biscuits, Battles and Victories, 100 Dreams and Ooh La La!

Good evening,

Lots of new Sunshine Blankets arriving at SIBOL HQ today, I am so excited to be showing you.

First of all may I thank Maria-Jesus for sending in three beauties. Here's her RAV Page.

 'Battles and Victories' 

'Battles and Victories' made by Maria-Jesus thank you.

 '100 Dreams' 

'100 Dreams' made by Maria-Jesus. Thank you.

Then finally we have 'Oh La La!' 
Wow!  I love them all.

'Oh La La!' Made by Maria-Jesus thank you.

Thank you Maria-Jesus.

Beautifully decorated and ready now for delivery. The Homes are going to love them. Thank you for your kindness Maria-Jesus.

Next I would like to thank Liztelf for 'Colourful Biscuits'. I love the colours in the Squares and this is such a popular pattern. Here's the LINK.

1063 'Colourful Biscuits' made and donated by Liztelf. Thank you.

1063 'Colourful Biscuits' made and donated by Liztelf. Thank you.

Another wonderful donation thank you Liztelf.

 Thank you for visiting today.

x Sue x 

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