Monday, 1 December 2014

Sunshine Blanket and Shawls arrive today!

Good morning and welcome!

The final items are arriving at my home for this years last delivery. As you know my closing date was end of November but a couple of Ladies have told me that their work is on the way. So I will hold on for you. I am hopefully going out to my last home later on this week.  Our blankets have been accepted so well and this morning I received an email from Jane at Olivet, Birmingham.  

She says, 

"Once again, on behalf of everyone at Olivet and our other homes, thank you to you and all your online knitters for such wonderful blankets.  It is so nice to pass the residents' rooms and see a blanket on the bed brightening it up and keeping their feet warm."

Thank you Jane

Another blanket that will certainly be brightening someone's room is this one received from Gwyneth this morning. Made in Green, Yellow and white this is a very spring-like blanket. A great size too and would probably suit someone that liked their garden. I'm sure this one like all the other blankets  we have made will be talking points for many days to come after receiving them.  

A superb Sunshine blanket made by Gwyneth. Thank you so much I love it.

I've done my best with photos but it's quite dark today.

Next we have two more Shawls from baw1812.  Thank you so much for these pretty Shawls, your hook has been smoking this year with all your wonderful donations. These Shawls are certainly addictive.

Pretty Butterflies too to add to our Butterfly collection.

I've made one too this one is going to Irene's neighbour 'Eileen' who is taking it to
Lady Katherines' Home at Balsall Common.

Thank you Gwyneth and baw1812 your work is lovely and very much appreciated.

That's all for today, may I remind you now that I cannot accept anything else for this year.
There's nothing to stop you Knitting and Crocheting but please hold on to everything until
2nd January 2015.

x Sue x 

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