Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A busy week so far.

Good Morning to you all!

I would like to thank 'jessiebonbon' this morning for sending in a pair of Fingerless Gloves and a Shawl. Both made beautifully I'm going to add these to my deliveries. How nice of you to make them I know it's difficult when we all have our familes to think about. They are very much appreciated many thanks.

Let's take a look now.

'jessiebonbon' Thank you for the Shawl.

Fingerless Gloves made by 'jessiebonbon' Thank you.

A great pattern 'jessiebonbon'.

I also had three Sunshine Blankets arrive from Angela. I haven't got an email address for you but I will be putting a note in the post to you to thank you. Whether you see my Blog I'm not sure.
The three Sunshine Blankets are so colourful and I know they will be admired. All three are a great size and ideal to use over laps.

So thank you Angela.

With thanks to Angela.

926 'Glamorous Granny' made by Angela. Thank you.

925 'Colourful Granny' made by Angela. Thank you.

927 'Grannies Galore 2' made by Angela. Thank you.

A parcel was delivered to my neighbour this morning while I was out.
It has been sent by Sue & Sue 'Trebles and Purls'.
Inside were Christmas Gift items and Sunshine Blankets.
Just take a look at these!

I can't believe I've reached 930 Sunshine Blankets now! It wasn't five minutes ago we had reached our 900th Sunshine Blanket! These Blankets are wonderful. A lot of work must have gone in to them thank you so much. They are an ideal size and will be so warm.

We also have Christmas Gifts for Residents in the Homes. Two ribbed Scarves will keep two Residents warm and Fingerless Gloves will be perfect too. Made in great colours. Thank you both so much!

Another busy day and I think I am waiting for one more Sunshine Blanket now which should be on it's way.

Thank you all so very much. I know the Residents are going to love what we've made for them.

Please do not send anything else now. Could you leave it till after Christmas now please.

Thanks so much.

x Sue x

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