Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Delivery again today!

Good Morning,

Thank you for popping in to 'Mrs Twins',  I know you are all terribly busy getting ready for Christmas.

Today we have reached another milestone 60l 'Sunshine Blankets have now been made'.  I have put together 3 Blankets myself over the last week or so and this morning I received a beauty from Gwyneth in Wales. It's called 'Christmas Greetings'. This Blanket is made in great Christmasy colours and what a beautiful Blanket to receive at Christmas time! A simple idea with basic stitches make this Blanket another winner! It's really very nice thank you Gwyneth.

I took the Blankets in to St. Michaels at lunchtime and they are very grateful for them. A big thank you from Julie and all the Staff.

I'm sorry this is short and sweet, it's all go at home.

Thank you so much for the  gorgeous Blanket Gwyneth and to everyone else who have helped us make these beautiful Blankets for the Elderly.

x Sue x 

Mail from Julie at St. Michael's Olton.

Hi sue
Thank you very much for the blankets our residents will love opening these Xmas morning can you thank all people involved in making these blankets and if you would be so kind to give me a picture for on show 
Have a lovely Xmas and a great new year 

Julie and everyone at St michaels x

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  1. Wow 601 blankets!!! That is incredible. Well done everyone. x


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