Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Butterflies galore!

Good evening and welcome!

I would like to thank Diane for sending me 200 beautiful Crocheted Squares. They actually arrived yesterday but as I was busy at home I couldn't get on to my lap top to Blog about them.  I would like to thank you for making them it must have took you ages. They are all made in such great colours and I can see some Men's Blankets being made  in the near future. We will assemble them as soon as we can and I know once made up the Elderly in the Homes are going to love them in their Blankets. 

200 Squares from Diane. Thank you!

Very much appreciated Diane thank you.

Today I received a gorgeous Crocheted Blanket from Sally. Made in small Squares this really is another wonderful Blanket for the Elderly. It is a lovely size and it is so warm. Not only did Sally make the Blanket she also made some SIBOL Butterflies which are always very useful. A great way to use un-wanted yarn too.


SIBOL Butterflies from Sally. Thank you!

Sally recently went on a visit to Venice and look what she sent me with the Blanket today a beautiful Glass Butterfly. This is going to be put in my ornament cupboard it is so lovely and I shall treasure it always. I love Venice. Thank you for everything Sally. It was a pleasure to receive your Sunshine Blanket for the Elderly and I shall be taking it out very soon once I have got over this cold.

Sally sent me a Butterfly from Venice. I love it thank you!

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Thank you Diane and Sally.

x Sue x 

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