Thursday, 26 April 2012

More SIBOL Blankets to see!

Good Afternoon,

Welcome to 'Mrs Twins'.

I am very happy to be showing you two new Blankets which have arrived today!

'jean nock' on Flickr very kindly helps me assemble SIBOL Squares and turns them into beautiful Blankets. This is what she sent back today!

Thanks to everyone that donated Squares for this Challenge!

Thanks to everyone that contributed Squares for this Blanket. It is so pretty!

The second Blanket she sent me was made and donated by herself. I think that is so....kind of her. It will be delivered to the Nursing Homes in a few months time. 'jean nock' loves making Squares with Flowers and this is what she came up with!

Thank you to 'jean nock'. She very kindly made and donated this gorgeous Blanket! It is so pretty!

This is terribly kind of you 'jean' thank you so much. I will leave you with a Slide Show now!  Thanks for visiting!

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x Sue x

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