Friday, 6 April 2012

A Catch up today!

Hi Everyone!

I have lots of new Blankets to show you and if you want to pop over to SIBOL you will see for yourself
how pretty they are! I have been  decorating the house over the last few weeks and helping my Daughter move
into her new home so things have been rather hectic for me here at 'Two Times'. But finally I think I have caught up with myself.

The new Blankets are donated ones, and I am very grateful to the Ladies who very kindly made them. All have been made with such love and care for our Elderly folk in Nursing Homes.

Thank you Katou! It's simply gorgeous!

'Layette Blanket' by Katia.

How very kind of you ATheeC! This Blanket is just so lovely!

'Forget-me-not' by ATheeC.

ATheeC has made a superb job of this Blanket! Thank you so much!

'Galah' by ATheeC.

The Squares are superb just take a look at them!

'Butterfly Bush' by Jennifer.

Thank you to 'jean nock' who assembled this Blanket. Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares!

Squares for the above Blanket were donated by various Ladies, thank you to everyone!

Thank you so much Maralyn and Sheila. This Blanket is very much appreciated.

This Blanket was made by a Lady who is 88 in August 'Sheila'. To be auctioned to raise money for Alzheimers
here in the UK, around the time of the Olympic Games.

Great Blankets and if you want to read about them please visit our SIBOL web site.

Thanks for visiting today,

x Sue x


  1. They're all very pretty - the ladies did great work. :)

  2. They all so pretty but......the lilac and light green is my favorite one....uffffff ,it is gorgeous.
    Happy Easter !

  3. What a wonderful collection of blankets, Sue!

    I hope you've managed to take time out to relax now and again!



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