Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Three new Ta - Dah's for you to see!

Good Evening Everyone!

Thank you for visiting 'Mrs Twins'.  I am very happy to be telling you that we have three new SIBOL Blankets and each one is just so unique! I do hope you will like them.  If you pop over to SIBOL you will see some more fantastic photographs of them!

SIBOL 126 - Squares donated by Dolphin Sunshine (Germany) (RAV)

This is a beautiful Blanket, gorgeous Granny Squares!

Simply gorgeous!

SIBOL 127 -  The Blanket was made and donated by Sarah (UK) 'Arthur'.

Sarah (UK) has very kindly made and donated this beautiful Blanket to SIBOL.

I think this Blanket reminds me of Autumn!

SIBOL 128 'Still Waters' made and donated by jenniferanne (SCOTLAND)

jenniferanne has tried to put a maritime feel to this Blanket with wheels, compass points and cable ropes.

This Blanket has a maritime feel to it.

I'm sure you would love to read about these Blankets please visit SIBOL.

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