Thursday, 23 February 2012

SIBOL 131!

Hi Everyone!

Ginnyknit (UK) Has very kindly made and donated a Blanket to SIBOL.

I am very pleased to be showing you SIBOL 130 today. This Blanket has been made and donated by Ginnyknit here in the UK. Ginnyknit has made a wonderful Granny Square Blanket and the colours she has used are just so crisp and fresh looking.

Butterflies were made by jean nock and the Blanket was made beautifully too by Ginnyknit!

I am always very grateful to Ladies that have sent me in Blankets especially at this time when I have been involved in our special Olympic Blanket. I am in the process of edging each Square and so far have totalled around 100. I have another 100 Flag Squares coming in over the next few weeks. So as you can imagine actual 'Blanket donation' is helping me keep our Blanket numbers up.  I intend to make a delivery in the summer months (which I know sounds daft) but I want to gather some more before I do so.

The Butterflies were made and donated by jean nock and they match the Blanket beautifully. If anyone wants to have a go at the Butterflies please pop over to Netties Blog in Australia for a wonderful video tutorial!

If you would like to make and donate  a Blanket for the Elderly please follow the link for instructions!

Let's take a look now at Ginnyknits Blanket.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Beautiful isn't it? Thank you so much Ginnyknit I am very very grateful to you

x Sue x

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  1. A lovely fresh combination of colours! Well done, Ginnyknit.


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