Wednesday, 12 October 2011

One more to our 100th!

Ta - Dah! Our 99th SIBOL! One more to go....!

Hello Everyone!

There is only one more SIBOL to show after this one. I am just so happy!

This is our 99th Ta - Dah today, and the Squares are just fabulous.,

If you visit SIBOL it will tell you a little more about the Squares in this 99th Blanket.

I am sure you will agree this Blanket has worked out beautifully once again. I didn't say what colour yarn to use in these Squares but I'm sure you will agree it all co-ordinates beautifully together.

Thank you to everyone that has taken part in this Challenge. I am still collecting Squares for this Blanket Challenge. I am making a third so please....take part. All details are over on SIBOL.

Let's have a look now at our 99th SIBOL.

The Squares have been amazing!

Of course we have a Slide Show too!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Next time I will be popping in to Mrs Twins I will probably be showcasing our 100th, what an achievement!

Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today.

x Sue x


  1. Hello, good evening Sue
    the blanket is so beautiful again,
    all the best wishes, sleep well

  2. I'm going to hold my breathe till we see numero get going girlfriend....he-he..99 is a stunner.

  3. As always Sue - this is pretty. Great work. :)

  4. Lindíssimos e criativos os seus trabalhos.
    Estou encantada! Parabéns!

  5. Olá, é cada um mais bonito que o outro, fico encantada cada vez que venho aqui, parabéns. Fico ansiosa para ver o nº100. Continuação de bom trabalho, beijos doces

  6. Wow!!! this is incredible!!! almost 99 blankets of love. I'm sure close to next week you will arrive at 100!!

  7. Hello Mrs Twins, your art work is fantastic and amazing, i would love to buy if there is any chance. Pls let me know. Thanks


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