Sunday, 9 October 2011

2 more to go....till the big one!

Hi Everyone!

Only two more SIBOL'S until we have the Big 100!.  I am getting so excited now.

I am very pleased to be showing you the latest SIBOL. This is Number 98, and it's called 'Wishes for Wiggles.  This is a special Blanket and if you would like to read about it please pop over to Ravelry

I'm sure you will agree it is a beautiful Blanket. The Blanket was assembled by baw1812 on Ravelry 'Beverley' and it has come out a treat.

May I thank all the Ladies who have kindly donated Squares for this Blanket, they truly are amazing! I'm sure it is going to be so well received.

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 98! 'Wishes for Wiggles'.

Let's have a look at the Slide Show now, thank you Beverley, thanks Ladies!

Created with flickr slideshow.

x Sue x


  1. Oh Sue, the blanket looks so beautiful! Such wonderful colors,
    nice Sunday
    Best regards Crissi

  2. Love the colour scheme!
    We're neck and neck, Sue - I'm on my 99th puppet! Of course there's a lot more work in a blanket! Roll on 100!

  3. Oh that's such a pretty blanket; onee of my favourites, I think! Nice to pop in again. Ros

  4. Hi Sue

    All the blankets are gorgeous, each and every one of them! Thanks for commenting on my blog. It wasn't my normal type of post - the company I write for have asked me to post a few articles on there with links to certain products, so I thought I'd give it a go!

    I pm'd the lady on Ravelry who is running the snowman square challenge, and asked her for her address so that I can send my square but, three days later, I still haven't heard from her. Would you have her address? I want to make sure it gets there before the end of the month deadline!

    Not long now until the 100th blanket, is it?!




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