Monday, 8 August 2011

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 77! (A donated Blanket from Coxabey).

Good Afternoon visitors to Mrs Twins!


I am very happy to be showing you SIBOL 77!  'Rhapsody in Blue'.  These SIBOLS are coming along lately!

SIBOL No.77 is a beautiful Blanket. It has been made by Coxabey over on RAV.  How kind of her to make each Square, assemble them and send the Blanket all finished to SIBOL!  She has been working on it very hard over the last few months. Now I have made the Butterflies it is ready to show you!

Thank you so much Coxabey. If you want any details about the Squares, I'm sure you would like to visit her RAV space. Here' the link.

Thank you so much Coxabey it's beautiful!

It's so nice to receive a Blanket already made! The tones in this Blanket are just so cooling!

Thank you Coxabey!

x Sue x


  1. Hi Sue,
    the blanket is fantastic in the blue color!!!
    Hugs Crissi

  2. Gorgeous blanket in lovely colours! Well done to Coxabey! Thanks for sharing it with us, Sue!


  3. WOW - this blue one is really beautiful. I will one day make one for my home too. Looking at your beautiful blankets always wants me to have one too.

    LG Sandra


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