Wednesday, 17 August 2011

2,025 Squares makes 81 'Sunshine Blankets' I think!

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 81!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Let's have fun with a Calculator!

81 x 25 Squares = 2,025 Squares now assembled.

Yes we have another Ta - Dah!

I am very happy to be showing you the latest Sunshine Blanket and this one was not assembled by me either. All the Squares were made by Jean Nock and the Blanket was then assembled and donated to our SIBOL project. Kindness from Flickr Ladies never fails to amaze me! I am just so touched by the kindness Jean Nock has shown. She has made each of these 25 Squares so beautifully, all wonderful colours. Lots of Granny Squares in numerous colour combinations! It's just fantastic how they have been made and put together. This Blanket is really lovely and I'm so grateful to you because you are donating it to our SIBOL project.

I am so....grateful Jean Nock for your help with 'Autumn Fields' and indeed this little stunner!

Thank you very much Jean Nock, it is very much appreciated.

x Sue x


  1. Hello Sue,
    very beautiful the blanket,
    greetings Crissi

  2. The sunshine blanket is gorgeous! I love it!
    greetings Joke

  3. This is a wonderful thing you do for the elderly. I can just imagine how they feel when they each receive a blanket. When my mother was in a convalescent home, I would take the ladies bonnets, blankets, scarfs an even toys. How they loved the toys, of course I bought everything, I cannot knit. Hugs to you....Lu


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