Monday, 16 May 2011

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOLS 66 & 67!

A Double Ta - Dah today! Our 'Two Tone Green' Challenge.

Good Evening everyone!

Well I have had a busy couple of weeks, what with the Builders here first of all then the Roofers! They have finally finished their work today! Hooray! Unfortunately I've been having problems with signing in to the web sites, but this evening Mr. Twins has managed to get me in.  It all came down to 'History' apparently. I needed to clear my History for things to work properly.

I just want to give you a tip. We find these things out when things go wrong.

Everytime I tried to write a New Post, it would say 're-directing' then a whole load of nonsence would appear in the top space http.... It would load up forever, then finally when it stopped it would say Error 303 or URL too large 414.  Now if this happens to you.......All you have to do is to clear some of your 'History'.
I did ask Karin to do a test post for me on SIBOL. She managed to do it okay, but why couldn't I? Well that was the answer. 'History'. Nothing at all wrong with 'Blogger' on this occasion, it was my lap top!
Anyway, I'm back to 'fully restored!'  :)

I have two 'Two Tone Green Blankets' to show you.

The first one SIBOL 66 has some Two Tone 'Patterned' Squares amongst them. I think this one has turned out really nice.

The 'Two Tone Green' was a good idea!

The second one is purely comprising of Two Tone 'Grannies'. I made a fringe for this one. It took me a long time to finish it. Doing 19 chain into each stitch. I love the Grannies in this one.

Had fun with these Grannies!

A lot of photos to look at. Would you like to see my Slide Show?

Thanks to everyone that has sent Squares for this particular Challenge. I've had such fun working with the Squares they have all been beautiful!

Have a lovely evening!

x Sue x


  1. I love these Gorgeous Green Blankets!

  2. Just as beautiful as ever and I am in total awe of the work in that fringing! I hope its not catching!
    Love Linda and PS Thank you for my lovely Post Card that landed on the mat x

  3. Lovely blankets, Sue, and yes, I can see my very first granny in among them! That fringe must have taken ages - a labour of love to be sure.

  4. Gorgeous!! i love green colour and these blankets are beautiful.!!

  5. Beautiful!
    Green colour is one of my favourites.
    Gorgeous blankets Sue!
    Lovely fringe!

    By the way, yes I've had problems with blogger too..

  6. selam, örgüler harika.görüşmek üzere sevgiler..

  7. Today I received my first 'Blog Award' part of it involves passing it on, I always enjoy your Blog so you are one of my chosen few! Thank you for always being so generous with your time . Love Linda
    ( Please just accept the award if passing it on takes up your precious hooking time x)

  8. Dear Sue, What a beautiful couple of blankets! Well done again.
    It seems that Mr.Blogger has been "problematic" with all of us.
    Hughs xxx

  9. Dear Sue, thank you for visiting my little blog and for your warm words!

    These colours are so pretty!

    You asked for the design of my blog... hm, I don't really know the English version of blogger, but I try to explain.... Go to changing the DESIGN of your blog. Then choose the third option (maybe template designer?) There should be an option "backgrounds" where you can add a picture. I prepared a picture with 3 squares on the right and 3 ones on the left hand side.

    Hope it works!

    I will be back soon!

    Love, Mariya


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