Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 65 'and I didn't even make it!'

Daisys in the sunshine!

Hi Everyone!

That's right I didn't even make this one!  In the post this morning I received a box and inside was a Blanket, very carefully made and presented.

The Blanket came from 'rebekka's goodies' - Heather.  I just couldn't believe how beautifully she had put this together!

I really love how she has joined these Squares together, I love the pattern and most of all I love the colours that she has used in each Square. It is simply beautiful and I know the Nursing Home are going to love it.

Heather is so kind donating this Blanket to SIBOL and I'm just over the moon!

I'm sure you will agree it's just so bright and cheerful, absolutely wonderful!

Thanks for popping in to hear my news.

x Sue x


  1. What lovely colours and such pretty squares! How nice for you to receive this, and well done Heather!

  2. Isn't that gorgeous???!!! I, too, LOVE that pattern! What a sweet act of kindness! There's no end to the goodness you incite in others, Sue! You, and all the others who participate, warm my heart. I can't wait to be part of the "love". xo, Annette

  3. Oh my such beautiful work.

  4. Elegant,beautiful.Gorgeous.....what else ...Oh my Gosh.....Perfect.Love the colors.I could do so much cuase my aunt passed last week .My mom sister .I will get back to you soon.Thanks and have a great weekend.


  5. beautiful blanquet, makes you forget the winter for a beautiful spring...the person who did it , is a great giver...

  6. Hello Suex,
    Thank you for your post, I was pleased. You can contact me please fill in your HP. My English is not good to do a lot of mistakes because I learned it about 40 years ago in school. You make such beautiful work I'm thrilled. What address should I send the contact Grannys Germany?
    I wish you a nice weekend and send you best wishes from Bavaria / Germany,


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