Monday, 25 April 2011

Flowers Everywhere! Double Ta - Dah!

Hi Everyone!

Well the Easter weekend has come and gone and I hope you have all had a nice time! I've been making some 'Sunshine Blankets' over the last couple of weeks  but it's been rather difficult to show them because we've had this going on.

Completely taking up the old slabs and re-newing.
It was death-trap out there. We've had it repaired so many times we thought now we must do something.

We had to put up with the mess for a week while it was going on.
We also had the tree removed which has given us more light and space.

The workmen were brilliant, really can't complain at all. They soon started putting the new slabs down.

We have three levels in our back garden around a 6ft drop from the house maybe more.

The two lots of steps were replaced, but we had to keep the main wall from the top patio.

                                                On this one you can see the tree was removed.

                                                                    This was before.

Okay the conifer did look nice and I will miss it, but I won't miss the mess.

So the building work has stopped me from doing the Ta - Dah's until today.

I went outside and took some with my famous bench.

Here they are I hope you like them.

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for SIBOL.

Here's SIBOL 62.  (Flower Squares from my Square Stash!)

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 62

and SIBOL No. 63! (Spring Challenge! - Thank You!)

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 63!

Thanks to everyone! I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Blankets, I don't know about the mess!


  1. Ms. Sue - your back yard and patio are so nice. The 2 blankets are lovely as always. :)

  2. Lovely blankets. The oldies will be very happy looking at all these lovely squares.
    PS. The backyard will be great now and with the weather you've been having I'm sure you'll be using it heaps. Hope it isn't too hot out there now you don't have your shady tree .(I agree about the mess ! )

  3. That new patio is amazing. I didn't even realize you had this project up your sleeve. Can't wait to see you planting away.

    Lovely new blankets as always.

  4. Sue, that patio is spectacular. How fun! New is always so lovely. I don't envy you the noise and's so hard to have people working in and about one's home like that! The flower blankets are beautiful. I'm targeting something for your Winter Wonderland creation. I've been giving some thought to what I want to do! It's always such a delight to see your work. Bringing together so many wonderful talents as you're one very special lady. Hugs, Annette

  5. Sue, that was a lovely tree, but let there be light! Your backyard is all ready for summer now. The two new blankets are a delight, I love the edgings you do that set them off so beautifully.
    happy days, Maree

  6. Your new patio is great Sue, I bet you are so pleased with it. The blankets are really lovely and as usual edged beautifully! Well Done!

  7. HI Ms.Sue. Love the new patio! Looks wonderful! I'm sure you are so glad it's finally over! I know it was driving you nuts!
    The blankets are just perfect, as always :)

  8. The patio looks great - glad you were happy with the builders - you had more luck than I did, obviously! Now you'll be able to get your summer pots out to pretty it up! Talking of pretty - so are those 2 new blankets!

  9. lovely on both counts - great patio and beautiful blankets!

    well done Sue!

    wishing you a lovely week xxx



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