Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Knitted Underwater Scene

Hi Everyone!

I'm not quite ready to show you my special 'Ta - Dah!' yet, the Royal Wedding Blanket. Wondered whether you'd like to see these photos I took at the Hobbycraft/Sewing For Pleasure show last week.

Didn't think much of the show to be honest with you. There wasn't much yarn around and the best bit was the Life Boat stand 'The RNLI'  which was all knitted.  A nice entrance where you walked through and saw all of this.


This really was fantastic. I only came away with two Knitted mermaids for my Daughters. I know at 25 they are too big for them, but just a thought from Mom. Do you want to find out more? Click on the link

I also wanted to show you a Crocheted Cardigan I saw in Top Shop. The price was £70.00, not my colour but I loved the design and thought of making one.

I hope you are having a good week,

x Sue x


  1. Hey Ms. Sue! Love the dolls..I'm sure the girls did too..:)
    Can't wait for the Royal Wedding Ta-dah as I'm sure many people can't...suspense is a good thing though..so you just take your time..Take care!

  2. That underwater scene looks interesting. Must be a lot of work, though. Hope your girls liked their mermaids! Well, now, you can make your own cardigan in whatever colour you wish! Talking of cardigans, I must get on with mine....

  3. Crochet is hot news this season.

  4. You r very creative and work is excellent.


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