Monday, 14 November 2016

Shawls from Norway.

Good afternoon,

It is always so nice when our Blankets and Shawls can get to other parts of the Country and not just the Birmingham area.  Kim has decided to donate to her local Hospice St. Lukes at Basildon. She has made a beautiful Sunshine Blanket and Shawl and she tells me she would like to make more in the future. Decorated with pretty Butterflies these two items are surely going to bring some smiles.


I am adding these in to our totals Kim thank you.

Next we have four pretty Shawls from Isrose in Norway.
It is so nice that Ladies in Europe take part in our project and I am always so grateful for your contributions Isrose. Thank you.
Such pretty designs and made beautifully.

Thank you Hilde (Norway).

Two Sunshine Blankets also.
One called 'Spring Crocus' and the other 'Easter Egg'.

It's so nice that you have named your Blankets but I'm afraid the quality of the photos is not good today. The day is quite dull, we've had rain today!

1340 Spring Crocus - Thank you Hilde.

1339 Easter Egg - Thank you Hilde.

Thank you Hilde.

Isrose was very happy that she managed to make these in time for my end of year deliveries.
I'm very grateful to her too!

So thank you both very much indeed.

x Sue X 

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