Sunday, 9 October 2016

New donations for the elderly.

Good morning to you!

Here are our latest SIBOL donations.

A parcel arrived a few days ago from annetjehh in the Netherlands. How kind of you thank you so much.  Inside were beautiful Stars and Butterflies which will be very useful indeed to decorate our Sunshine Blankets.  All in such pretty colours they really are a joy to receive.

Anne P. Thank you annetjehh! Netherlands.

Many thanks annetjehh.

Bettina in Switzerland sent me 6 Sunshine Blankets too.
All made differently in such pretty colours I love them thank you.

6 Sunshine Blankets from Bettina in Switzerland.

Inside the parcel were some fabulous Ribbons to decorate our Blankets.

Ribbons from Bettina thank you!

6 Blankets from Bettina in Switzerland. Thank you so much!

photo 5.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 1.JPG

Great Blankets thank you Bettina.

Sylvie is Bettina's friend and she also sent me a very nice Blanket.

Sylvie Switzerland thank you.


How kind of you to help us Sylvie thank you!

With many thanks to Anne G too! Two beautiful Sunshine Granny Blankets and decorated with Ribbon and Butterflies these are going to be loved.

Thank you Annie G.

Thank you Annie G.

Thank you Annie G.

Yes a busy couple of days.I'm sorry the quality of the photos isn't brilliant.

Thanks to everyone!


Sunshine Blankets and Shawls must be sent to me between these dates only.

1st March to 30th November 2016.

x Sue x

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