Sunday, 7 August 2016

It's nice to look back......

Good Morning,

Watching the Olympics on TV has reminded me of the stunning Blankets the 'SIBOL' Group made as a Challenge back in 2012. We had Squares arrive from all over the world and money raised went to Alzheimers UK.

This Blanket in particular 'Going for Gold' raised £1,000.00.

'Going For Gold!' Olympic Challenge. Thanks to everyone that sent me Squares! Truly amazing! Please 'add note' if you see your Square(s)!

Just found this photo.

100 Squares also flew in from akarapacha in the States.
This Blanket raised £250.00 for Alzheimers.

100 Squares flew in from 'akarapacha' (USA) Thank you so much. All 6

The work that went in to these Squares was unbelievable.
I thought you'd like to see them again.

x Sue x 

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