Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Dali Rock arrives all the way from Singapore.

Good Morning!

I am so excited to be showing you a new Sunshine Blanket that I have received all the way from 'Pink Lemons' in Singapore.  This is such a beautiful Blanket and I know one of our Residents is going to take a great deal of comfort from it.

'Pink Lemons' said in her note, 'This  photo inspired the colours of the Blanket.  It's a photo I saw online  titled 'Dali Rock'. I chose it because it looked majestic and beautiful and the light shining on the rock appeared to me to be a beacon of hope.' 

I really think a lot of thought has gone in to this Blanket 'Pink Lemons' and I would now like to show you the beautiful  Blanket she made.

1231 Dali Rock. Made by Pink Lemons (Singapore). Thank you

Dali Rock




I love to hear what has inspired you to make a Blanket.  So please feel free to enclose a note with your work.

Not only did PinkLemons send a gorgeous Blanket she also made a Shawl for one of the Residents.

Thank you Pink Lemons Singapore.

Thank you Pink Lemons.

The pattern is just so pretty and you have used some wonderful colours.

Thank you so much.

Shawls are very useful in the Homes so please feel free to make and donate to me for the Residents.
Thank you.

Up-dated Lunchtime. 

Susan sent me an email at lunchtime telling me that she will be taking the following Blankets into Broomfield Hospital on Thursday.  This is fantastic thank you so much.

I am encouraging Ladies in the Crafting Community to make and donate a Sunshine Blanket near to them if possible. This is a great way of getting our Sunshine Blankets further afield and to be honest I am running out of Homes near to me.  So if you are interested please contact me on 
for a 'pdf' label.

I can send this as an attachment  and you can attach it on to your work in the name of 'SIBOL'.

Of course if you would rather send your Blankets and Shawls to me then please do.

Let's take a  look at Susan's work now.
These Blankets are so pretty and I know they will be loved.

First we have Purple Heather.

Purple Heather - Susan Thank you. She is taking to Broomfield Hospital.

Granny's Garden.

Granny's Garden made by Susan. She is taking to Broomfield Hospital. Thank you.

Vanilla Sundae.

Vanilla Sundae made by Susan. She is taking to Broomfield Hospital.

Aren't they gorgeous? I love them. 

Thank you Susan. I look forward to reading about your visit.

x Sue x 

x Sue x 

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