Wednesday, 3 April 2013

'Bring me Sunshine!'

Hi everyone!

I don't know about you but where I'm living here in Birmingham, UK it's bitterly cold. It just doesn't seem to be warming up and I'm fed up with seeing snow lying about outside my home.  I've even thought of pouring boiling water over it! I thought it was time to bring some sunshine into our lives so I've been digging out some 'Sun' themed Blankets hoping that the bright warm colours will make us feel better.

Late at night all my friends came into the Kitchen with me!  Click on your Square Ladies ! Let's play my board game again! Let's have some fun!   'Fun In the Sun'.

'Fun In the Sun'

This is my 2nd 'sun' theme Blanket. After this one the 'sun' themed Blankets are going to be 'colour grouped'.  Please 'add note' if you see your Square. 'Dolly Mixtures'.

'Dolly Mixtures'

SIBOL No. 11 ' Please 'add note' if you see your Square!   'SunShiNe bLuES!' - named by  wiLDaBoUtCoLoR! Thank you!

'Sunshine Blues'

Time to play the 'SIBOL' Board Game Ladies ! Please 'add note to your Square! 'Orange Grove' - (Sun themed Blanket No. 4 SIBOL 12) - Named by Jenfur43! Thank you!

'Orange Grove'

Please 'add note' to your Square Ladies! SIBOL 13. (Sun themed Blanket 5) -  'Sun Reflection' - named by Salma.

'Sun Reflection'.

Please 'add note' to your Square Ladies! SIBOL No. 14 (Sun theme 6). 'Shining Light'.

'Shining Light'

I hope these Blankets have warmed you up, they have me! It's certainly lovely to see some of these Squares again.

Thanks for visiting this evening.

x Sue x


  1. What a nice sunny plaid. No need to pour hot water over you when admiring such lovely colours.

  2. Of course I mean "pouring hot water over the snow", not over you. I guess you've noticed that English is not my native language.

    I try though to write most of my blogposts in English as well.

  3. A lovely bit of brightness, Sue. They say it's going to get a bit warmer at the weekend! I hope so!


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