Saturday, 5 May 2012

Eight donated Blankets Today!

Good Evening to you all!

Eight Blankets were donated to 'SIBOL' today from the Ladies on MSE Knitting Forum. I am extremely grateful to you all. Thank you!

I have felt quite overwhelmed today because in the post this morning I received 8 donated Blankets from the MSE Knitting Forum. Squares have been sent in to Chalky (Linda) and she has very kindly assembled them in to Blankets 'Lappycuddlyghan's' and sent them to 'SIBOL'.

These Blankets are just the prettiest things. The Squares are really interesting, both Knitted and Crocheted. They are all in a variety of colours and the borders are great too.

I can never thank Linda enough for assembling these Blankets and my thanks also go to the Ladies on MSE.

Now if you would like to see these Blankets in more detail, why not pop over to 'SIBOL!'. I have made a Slide Show for you all!

Thanks so much.The Elderly are going to love these Blankets!

x Sue x


  1. They all look so nice - MSE Knitting Forum did great work. :)

  2. So glad they all arrived safely and it is so lovely to think of the comfort they will bring x


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