Thursday, 7 July 2011

We've been busy at 'Two Times'.

Hi Everyone!

Over the last months we have been having some work done to the house. It was long overdue.

First of all you see a conifer. We decided to have that cut down. It was messy and I was fed up with forever sweeping up the bits. We were worrying about the roots too. So that was the first thing to be done. Not to mention it was getting pretty dark sitting in the Conservatory with that big thing blocking our sunlight.

I suppose maybe the patio didn't  look that bad. But be assured it was. The slabs were so dangerous because they were all loose. The steps were a mess. Did we repair? Or did we have new? More expense to have new but long term we had to stop paying out every year. So we decided to have the slabs taken up and new ones laid.

The men arrived in April. It was lovely weather that week.  After cutting the tree down they started taking th slabs up.

Oh yes then we had the mess!

Our patio is on three levels. From the Conservatory down to the garden it is a six foot drop.

The men started laying the new slabs and every day we took photos of their progress.

Only the top patio to be done now. The men were really good workers and very reliable. They turned up every day and we got on well with them.

The Conifer tree was at the side of the Shed here.

So as you see we are getting there now. No tree, lots of sunlight!

The patio was finished, now it was time for the roof. I was worried about the Conservatory roof, but they put scaffolding up and walked high up over the Conservatory roof.

You don't see the front of my house very often.  We only have a small house, but it's home and we love it. When our twin daughters were little we decided to call it 'Two Times' after the Little Miss Twin books. All the toys in the house 'were twice over'. Everything was in 'two's!'. 

Then we had new fences down the side and a new gate.

 So there you are all finished.

Behind all the trees up high on the embankment we have the Railway line. Today we had the Steam trains running through.

There you are all done. All tidy now and we're happy.



  1. It looks beautiful Ms. Sue - all nice, neat and brand new. :)

  2. Looks good Sue. Must be glad that all the messy bits are done well before winter hits

  3. Looks good nice to have it all done and still a lot of the summer left to enjoy it...more space to put the blankets out for their photo shoots too!!!

  4. Well done .....good job.....I was dealing with my house too.We had to repair the roof completely because of the wind from the tornadoes and the hails damages .....a lot .But we finish everything Thanks God....!

  5. Sue, it all looks fantastic! What a lovely record you've kept of progress, and you can see how that lovely white lilac came into flower, too! Taking down that huge conifer must make such a difference, too. The shed with the white bench next to it is a picture and makes such a nice focal point, too. Well done!


  6. Sue,
    This is just beautiful!!!! And you did such agreat job with the photos!!!!! Enjoy your pretty new "room" ! :) Sandy

  7. Sue, it's beautiful!
    I think you're very glad it's finished after all the mess.
    ~X~ Karin

  8. Sue, It looks really nice and solid again. You have a lovely house and garden.

    Groetjes, Monique

  9. What a great work! Looks like so nice!Enjoy! Natasha

  10. Perfect. This was just what I was looking for. Wow... you did have your hands full with things besides squares. It's amazing what we actually get done behind the scene. Great job. Looks so clean new and special. Now get out and enjoy it all.

  11. What a beautiful house you have, Sue! I pity that poor conifer that had to be sacrificed though. Maybe you should plant another kind of tree, one that doesn't grow that much?
    Hugs x

  12. I'm sure you're glad it's all finished now, Sue, and you have a lovely light conservatory to sit and make up blankets in! Enjoy!

  13. Oh Wow! Looks gorgeous! What a beautiful spot to enjoy.

  14. wow Sue it all looks great! Quite a big undertaking wasn't it? Looks like there is plenty of sun out there for you to soak up.


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