Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ladies of the World would you like to see a Knitted House?

Hello Everyone!

I'm just popping in to show you something.  My friend Carol in the USA has just mailed me with this link.
There is a beautiful Knitted House on Display in Wiltshire. The Ladies have got together and made this.
Please put down your hooks and needles and take a look!

Hugs Suex


  1. Oh wow what fun they've done a fantastic job of it and did you spy the likkle bees hehe xxx

  2. Excellent! I like the pigs best. LOL.


  3. How terrific, Sue. People are so resourceful aren't they? It probably started off small like your blankets and just grew and grew!

  4. Just popped by to say hello.Love your blankets.

  5. Very unusual! Hope they managed to raise some money with this ambitious but fun project.

  6. WOW.. now that a lot of yarn. Stunning.

  7. How fabulous!!! I really love this knitted house, thank you for sharing the link with us :) I have only just discovered your blog and love it, I have added you to my blog roll :) Happy New Year :) xxx

  8. it's magical! wonderful

    thank you so much for sharing :o)

  9. thank you for inviting me to join SIBOL
    i used to follow the blog, but now i spent less time in the net and more time with the needles
    here at my city i work with a dog and cat shelter, i crochet things and they sale in a bazar
    artemaosdadas (Adriana)

  10. Wonderful stuff! Thanks for your comments Sue, yes it is Break a Leg! Kimbles xx

  11. hello my dear

    many thanks for the kind comment.

    i was so happy to see Sibol now has a ravelry group :o)

    my squares are coming along slowely but surely, i am planning to make 6 knitted and 6 crocheted. i think i explained that my capabilities are a little limited at the moment and the squares will be rather plain, but i do quite fancy making some little crochet flowers to accompany them (again in a simple style). i could make them up in nice spring colours, what do you think?

    anyway, i wish you all the best with the new group. hope you have a lovely week xxx


  12. Hiya Sue, thank you for your lovely comment, I think your crochet is wonderful!! I have added you as a contact on Flickr, not that I go on there much mind :) Are you on Raverly??? If so, I would love to be your friend on there, just incase you are, my user name is mrsgalloway, just incase you would like to add me as a friend :)
    take care :) xxx

  13. many thanks for your comments Sue,

    it's good to call back and see this stunning blanket again :o) it's just so beautiful.

    congratulations all!


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